Beaded Cancer Bracelet

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Beaded Cancer Bracelet

Show off your zodiac sign with this Cancer bracelet!  Cancer people are born between June 21 and July 22, are intuitive, sentimental, and flexible, and will love this zodiac charm bracelet! Dreamy shades of aqua, violet, and pearly white blend beautifully with the double-sided brass Cancer charm, which has the name of the sign on the front, and the word, "IMAGINATIVE" on the back, as shown.

Materials: Light aqua, purple and white glass beads and seed beads, metal beads, brass chain, brass zodiac charm, two different kinds of brass star charms, and antique gold lobster clasp and rings.  

Length: 7”, with chain extension to 8”

Style: Charm bracelet

This beaded Cancer bracelet will arrive in a gift box, ready to be given as a present or to keep and store.

Zodiac info: Norvell. Astrology: Your Wheel of Fortune, Harper & Row, 1975.

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