Orange & Black Halloween Beaded Eyeglass Chain

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Orange & Black Halloween Beaded Eyeglass Chain

Always keep your reading glasses nearby with this vivid orange & black Halloween beaded eyeglass chain.  Securely knotted, these beaded eyeglass chains have rubber loops on the ends to securely hold your glasses in place, and the lobster clasps make it easy to replace the rubber loops that have stretched and lost their grip.  An extra pair of holders is included with every order!

Materials: Mixed orange and black glass beads and seed beads, gold plated accents and lobster clasps, black rubber holder, and knotted black C-Lon nylon cord. This C-Lon nylon cord is very strong, with a 35 lb. breaking strength, and is both flexible and waterproof, ideal for colorful lightweight accessories.

Length: 25" (mid-chest)

This orange & black Halloween beaded eyeglass chain will arrive in a gift box, ready to give as a present or to keep and store.

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